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Logistics services for the heavy industry in Angola

Delivering large items of equipment.

A drilling rig for wells is a large and heavy load that requires special attention during transportation. However, a client who decided to order the delivery of this equipment from the port of Jebel Ali, UAE to Angola, faced several difficulties related to transporting such an oversized load.

Our specialists calculated the vessel booking and determined that 2 cargo spaces would be required to transport the rig. During the loading process, it was necessary to conduct hoisting operations using port cranes. The loading of the cargo onboard took several days to prepare, and to ensure the reliability of the fixation, the load was additionally protected by the metal lattice of the engine and other main parts of the equipment.

In addition, the client had to complete several documents specific to the transportation of such cargo, including permits for international transportation and a customs declaration.

However, the main difficulty in the transportation process was the warehouse storage of the cargo. When the drilling rig arrived at the Angola port, it turned out that not all elements were made of materials resistant to high temperatures and humidity, which are typical of this area. Thanks to the prompt response and professional approach of our personnel, additional work was carried out to protect the cargo, and the drilling rig was successfully delivered to its destination.

The main task was solved – to deliver the oversized rig from the port of Jebel Ali, UAE to Angola, completing all necessary documents and conducting work on warehouse processing and cargo protection during transportation. The client was satisfied with the service and recommended the company to his partners in the field of freight transportation.

  • Dispatching country: UEA (Dubai)
  • Receiving country: Angola (Lobito Port)
  • Cargo: well drilling rig
  • Dimensions: 2 pieces, 43 tons
  • Delivery time: 63 days
  • Logistics feature: non-standard project logistics